How To Find Counseling Jobs

Here are some tips on finding counseling jobs:

General counseling jobs - If you're looking for jobs in the "counselor as expert" category - financial counseling, spiritual counseling, career counseling, and so forth - then you will need to search for jobs in the types of institutions that offer these services.

If you want to give people advice about money, you should look for jobs with a bank or debt consolidation company. If you want to help graduates with their career path, check with local colleges and school districts. Looking through classified ads and checking with local companies is a good way to start finding jobs in this category.

Licensed counseling jobs - If you're a licensed counselor, you have many career options.

For jobs in school counseling, check with your state board of education for public and private school job postings.

To help those with substance abuse problems, check with organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to see if they know of any companies hiring. You could also look for job openings with private rehabilitation programs - many of these programs need in-house counselors available around the clock. Nonprofit groups and local hospitals may need counselors to help in their behavioral rehab programs.

Family and marriage counselors are in great demand. Consider joining a local practice, or start your own. Many times, counselors will team up in the same building, but will run their own independent practices.

Last Updated: 04/27/2014

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