Counseling Jobs Search Tips

Searching for a job can be somewhat tedious: unless you are looking for something very specific, you will need to search in a variety of places to find a job that fits your needs. Here are a few ways you can maximize your job search efforts:

Network with other counselors and therapists. Not only will counselors in different specialties refer clients to you, but they may also need a counselor to fill a spot in their office or may know of an opportunity in the area. Make an effort to meet a variety of other counselors and therapists through conferences, workshops, and local association meetings.

Create a winning resume. Before you submit your resume for a particular counseling job, make sure it indicates you have the required qualifications. If they need someone with a license and Master's degree, don't forget to include that information! It is also a good idea not to flaunt your preferred school of thought in counseling theory, unless the employer specifically asks for your feelings. Let them make a decision based on your qualifications and experiences, not on their personal impressions about your views.

Be prepared for a panel interview. Employers often hire by panel for many of the higher, master's-level counseling jobs. Interviewing with several people can be dramatically different than the one-on-one interview. You may want to practice beforehand with a group of family and friends. For the interview, you should dress professionally and conservatively. An ironed, buttoned-down shirt under a nice suit will make a great first impression.

Use job search engines. In addition to networking and sending out resumes to local companies, checking online search engines for counseling jobs should be part of your daily routine. These sites update their job postings continuously.

Last Updated: 04/27/2014

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